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Jerry Goldberg

Jerry Goldberg is the former Superintendent of the Natick Public Schools and one of the most sought after consultants in Teachers21.

In work that spans the K-12 continuum, Jerry brings the rich perspectives of his varied roles in the educational arena.  As a former superintendent and assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and assessment as well as director of K-12 reading and a classroom teacher, Jerry has well-tested ideas and strategies for moving a school forward through improved student achievement. His grasp of the issues is sound and he shares valued insights on how to shape an organization to achieve an optimal, multifaceted view of both results and the antecedents of excellence.

 Jerry Goldberg’s areas of expertise are as follows:  leadership and organizational development, instructional improvement through monitoring of student performance outcomes and goal setting, implementation of standards based instruction, differentiation, school culture and climate, Response to Intervention (RTI).  He is the co-author of the Teachers21 curriculum on Differentiated Instruction and author of the organization’s course on project based learning.

Jerry maintains a busy schedule as a coach to superintendents and site administrators.  He provides training, consultation, and coaching services to experienced and new principals and works with school and district leadership teams to chart a course for improved student achievement.

Jerry Goldberg has a doctorate from Boston University, a Master’s degree in special education from Lesley College, and an undergraduate degree from Marietta College.