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Jan Fovel

Jan Fovel is currently an educational consultant and course developer.  Recently, she co-developed a graduate level course: Allies, Achievers, and Risk Takers: Tapping the Social and Academic Potential of All Students through Community Building.  Commonly known by participants as AART, the course is co-facilitated and focuses on developing ways to create an empathetic and caring community and to become culturally proficient in a manner that will foster mutual respect and trust among the students and teachers in the classroom. Topics and activities focus on culture/race, ally/bully behavior, character building, sense of community and communal responsibility, and perspective taking.

Jan Fovel, consultant, mentor, and former educator with the Wellesley Public Schools for over 30 years, taught in grades spanning the elementary and middle school levels. She holds a Masters Degree in Education. Jan is dedicated to fostering authentic and caring connections among students and teachers within the classroom and beyond. She believes that taking the time needed to establish a trusting and empathetic relationship among community members is fundamental to reaching social and academic potential and emotional well being.