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Wendy Pelletier Cleaves

Wendy Pelletier Cleaves is an experienced classroom teacher and staff developer.  She has worked extensively with educators in New England on mathematics content, pedagogy, and assessment.  She has worked with many school teams around such topics as: curriculum mapping; unpacking standards; differentiated instruction in math; integrating discourse into the mathematics classroom; creating and implementing formative assessments as a way to inform instruction; incorporating literacy strategies into math; and making mathematical content more accessible to special education and ELL learners.  Wendy works with elementary, middle, and high school teachers to deepen their own mathematical understanding through problem solving, modeling, hands-on learning, and the exploration of how concepts develop across grade levels.


 Areas of Expertise:

  • Mathematical Content and Pedagogy – deepening regular and special education teachers’ understanding of mathematics while modeling effective teaching practices
  • Supporting All Learners - addressing the needs of all learners in mathematics, including special education and ELL students
  • Making Connections in Mathematics - accessing prior knowledge, areas of integration within and across mathematical strands, vertical teaming
  • Integrating Reading and Writing in Mathematics – use various strategies and graphic organizers to support both ELA and mathematics development
  • Differentiating Instruction – creating and implementing formative assessments along with instructional strategies to reach and teach all learners
  • Discourse in Mathematics – developing discourse-based, student-centered math classrooms

 Courses facilitated in the past:

  • Achieving Math Power I (Elementary)
  • Achieving Math Power II (Elementary)
  • Achieving Math Power III (Elementary and Middle/High School)
  • Reasoning & Problem Solving: Number Sense, Algebra & Measurement (Middle School)
  • Integrating Mathematics, Special Education and DI (Middle/High School)
  • Making Connections in Algebra, Geometry, and Measurement through Problem Solving (Middle School)
  • Enhancing Mathematics Teaching & Learning through Problem Solving [Online] (Upper Elementary / Middle School)

Workshop Series facilitated in the past: 

  • Differentiating Instruction in Mathematics (Elementary)
  • Helping Middle School Students be Successful in Mathematics
  • Incorporating Reading & Writing in Mathematics (All grades)
  • Making Algebra Accessible to All Students (Middle School)
  • Measurement Across the Curriculum (Elementary / Middle School)