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Group of diverse children



Programs build leadership capacity at the classroom, school and district level through systemic development of climate and culture, equity, teamwork and instructional practices. Leadership licensure, degree and certificate programs are offered for aspiring superintendent, principal and educator cohorts. 



Our work is centered on collaborative development to achieve the goals of equity and inclusivity.  We aim to be intentional and purposeful to create sustainable positive change for both adults and students.

Behavioral Health 

Behavioral Health

Students' emotional wellbeing is critical to their development and academic growth.  Based on a wealth of clinical expertise from research and practice, our systemic consultation and programming supports student mental health and the promotion of a healthy school climate for adults and students.

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Cohort Leadership

Contact us to work with your District in a Sustained Approach for

  • Behavioral Health and School Climate
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Leadership Development 

Andre Ravenelle

André Ravenelle Executive Director

Dear Colleagues,

I offer my gratitude and respect for the cooperation, care and professionalism you have displayed to support our school communities during these challenging times. 

We are a trusted partner providing school districts, leaders, and educators with a holistic, integrated set of programs, professional learning opportunities, and behavioral and mental health resources designed to foster health school climates. Our staff and consultants will work with your district through a sustained approach enabling us to identify root cause challenges and provide high-impact solutions. 

Please reach out to me directly at to talk about services to support you and your district. 



 Superintendents Roundtable

Invaluable forums to share challenges, opportunities and resources among trusted colleagues.

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Diversity Administrators Roundtable

Invaluable forums to share challenges, opportunities and resources among trusted colleagues.

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DEI Discussion Series

 The United States is rapidly becoming more multiracial and multiethnic. However, the mental health field remains largely defined by ethnocentric monoculturalism. Consequently, there is an urgent need for culturally informed mental health practices to reduce persistent racial/ethnic inequities in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders affecting children from historically marginalized racial/ethnic backgrounds.

  • Understanding Racial Disparities and the School to Prison Pipeline
  • Understanding Microaggressions and the importance of Critical Reflect
  • Bridging the Gaps Between Schools and Communities: Developing a Shared Sense of Equity

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Leadership Licensure Program

The Leadership Licensure Program (LLP) is a twelve month program of study for qualified Massachusetts educators to obtain initial licensure through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) as a Principal/ Assistant Principal (PreK–8; 5–12), or Supervisor/ Director (including Director of Guidance, not including Special Education Director). Designed to fit the schedule and interests of current teachers and teacher leaders, the program is administered by MSAA with Teachers21 providing curriculum and instruction. 

Application for 2022-2023 is now open 

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Graduate Certificate in School Leadership for Educational Equity, Racial Understanding and Organizational Transformation

Now accepting applications for fall 2022

  • A cohort-based program designed to be completed in three semesters (18 credits) of online coursework
  • Teaches strategies for effective communication, developing social emotional competencies and leading through adversity 
  • Small, diverse cohort model supports the development of meaningful relationships with faculty and peers 
  • Includes 500 hours of a supervised practicum 
  • Aligned to requirements set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) 

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Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP) Program 

Group Supervision for practicing school psychologists applicable toward requirements for the LEP credential.

William James College offers group supervision for practicing school psychologists. Clinical supervision promotes reflective practice, supports ongoing professional development, affords consultation on legal and ethical issues, and helps practitioners effectively address the challenges of providing school psychological services. Participation will:

  • Promote reflective practice and continued development of professional knowledge and skills;
  • Help the practitioner address challenges in providing schools psychological services; and 
  • Be applicable toward the 60-hour Supervised Clinical Experience requirements for the Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP) credential. 

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Leadership Institute for Experienced Directors of Special Education

This year-long institute is designed to enhance and enrich the already well established knowledge base of the seasoned Special Education Administrator. Learn with current experienced practitioners as you adjust to the challenges and adaptations required for working remotely with Special Education Students and Staff. ALL sessions for the 2021-2022 Institute will be conducted remotely

Application are closed for 2021-2022 

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