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Students and their work are at the heart of understanding, learning, and achievement. Students’ test answers, papers, projects and performances tell the story of what students have learned and how they apply that learning. These pieces of evidence also serve as a focal point for collegial dialogue and problem solving among teachers. The results of this collective inquiry can have a direct and positive impact on student performance and achievement.


  • To utilize student work as evidence of student learning
  • To refine instructional practices based on results of student work
  • To share with colleagues in active collective inquiry

Participants will:

  • Learn formal structures for examining student work that will help build the three C’s: collegiality, collaboration around what’s important, and consistency of practice
  • Practice using collegial processes for building a common language and consistent expectations with your team or staff
  • Examine student work samples and gain deeper insights into what students know
  • Develop skills in using data to inform instruction and assessment practice
  • Explore a planning process for designing assessments based on learning goals
  • Consider a variety of assessment methods and rubrics that guide students to produce high quality work