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In today’s educational landscape, school improvement depends upon educators effectively using data to take action. How can schools, caught up in the frantic day to day demands of schools, stop and analyze their actions and their impact on student achievement? Action Research provides an empowering opportunity. Action Research is defined as “a disciplined process of inquiry, conducted by and for those taking the action.” The personal engagement of the teachers makes the action research relevant, engaging and growth oriented—both for students and staff.


  • To incorporate action research as a tool for designing and managing change
  • To gather and analyze data to drive decisions
  • To utilize results to improve teaching and learning
  • To build the reflective practitioner and support a professional learning community

Participants will:

  • Identify the major component of action research and how it can support improved teaching and learning.
  • Model the steps in the action research cycle as they look at their own school challenges
  • Explore areas of possible focus based on real issues participants are facing
  • Generate Research questions that can help with school improvement
  • Gather and analyze data to plan instructional strategies and determine student actions
  • Take informed action to bring about change that support student success
  • Share results and determine next steps