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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Transforming schools and communities by providing access to high quality behavioral healthcare and developing purposeful and responsive leaders for social change.

Our Vision

We envision an education system where all students have access to knowledgeable educators who believe in them. We envision a system where all educators work in schools with strong cultures that believe improved and inspired learning is attainable for all.

We believe that improved and inspired learning is possible for all when efforts are aligned and consistent with goals and values, when teachers and leaders are reflective learners who collaborate to achieve better results for students, and when all adults and students embrace a focus on continuous improvement.

Our Theory of Action

Our Teachers21 Framework enables us to take a strategic approach to supporting schools, districts and individual educators as they strive to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for ensuring an improved and inspired learning culture. Specifically teachers and leaders must:

  • Cultivate trust, honesty and open, frequent dialogue so that the community has a growth mindset (Reflective Learning Culture)
  • Unite in sharing responsibility and directing their resources in service of a common vision and core values. (Strategic Alignment and Coherence) 
  • Convene high functioning teams that engage with rigorous, relevant content via a repertoire of well-implemented teaching, coaching and leadership strategies (Skillful Practice)
  • Commit to continually assess the effectiveness of those strategies, learn from experience and adjust their approach as needed (Continuous Improvement Process)