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Our Impact

Here are a few examples of our impact:

  • Every graduate of the 2013 cohort of our Turnaround Leadership Academy (the precursor of our Urban Principals Development Program) immediately became a Principal or Assistant Principal and is finding success according to their evaluators. Read the NYCLA independent report on the program. 
  • Over 120 districts and 1500 district leaders learned about the new Massachusetts supervision and evaluation framework from Teachers21. At the core of this work was the establishment of evaluation systems that promote trusting conversations between teachers and their evaluators, and systems that are promote and reward educator and leader growth. Read a case study.
  • Through partnerships with M.A.S.S. and MSSAA, Teachers21 has helped train over 250 principal candidates and 75 superintendent candidates. View some of the comments from participants.
  • 95% of Boston Teacher Leadership Certificate course participants indicated that the course they had completed would improve their ability to have a positive impact on others’ teaching practice. Read more about the impact of this program.
  • Our team of experienced practitioners is asked to train and coach over 10,000 educators in Massachusetts and beyond every year tailoring the services provided to meet the needs and context of each in service of improving and inspiring their own learning and teaching.
  • Teachers21 trained every teacher and principal in a mid-sized, level 3 district through the Effective Teaching course. This led to deep conversations about teaching and learning in the district and is fostering significant changes in classroom practices.


Urban Leadership program participant

The summer intensive was even better than advertised! Just yesterday, my brother in law asked me "how I did" in the program as in what grade did I get. He knew, everyone knew, how hard I worked and he could only assume there was an evaluation of some sort. I told him there was no grade and that reflected on the value of the program. We worked impossibly hard simply because we believed in the work and the possibility of improving ourselves as professionals."

Master's for math educators program participant

There was total respect for the ways all students learned. Every question was welcomed. The instructor had such excitement for the material that it was contagious!"

LLP program participant
Director of Guidance Canton, MA

“The LLP program prepared me for life as an administrator in ways I could never have imagined. The readings and assignments stimulated growth in the depth and complexity of my thinking about schools and the critical function they serve. The relationships that developed within the cohort and with the faculty provide a professional network of new and experienced school administrators. This program broadens your thinking and sharpens your focus.”

LIFT2 for STEM educators program participant

My classroom has become much more interactive and I feel like students are taking ownership of their material instead of just copying notes and trying to do learning just for learning sake. The students enjoy learning to solve a problem that could be found in the world instead of just studying because that is what other people have done before in similar classes."

BTLC participant

I was thrilled to see both team leaders really step up their leadership skills this year by taking on an active role and gathering, analyzing and presenting data to their teams in a coherent and organized manner."

Supervision and Evaluation program participant

I walked away with many resources and ideas that will not only enhance and better my practice but will also improve the school culture."

Superintendent Licensure program participant
Superintendent Hudson, MA

The program helped to fundamentally shape who I am. It brought my core values into sharp focus. I have learned how to back up my beliefs and actions with the field of research. I make better decisions now because they are grounded in my core values and scholarship. I understand key leadership principles at a depth that they have just become part of who I am."

Effective Teaching program participant

The instructor was both accepting and challenging of me. She made it okay to take risks."