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Who We Serve

Teachers21 is committed to improving outcomes for all students. Our professionals provide a range of research and experience-based tools and services to individuals, schools and districts, as well as to partner organizations that serve and support public education.

School and District Leadership Teams

With the plethora of initiatives schools and districts are charged with implementing, establishing a shared vision and set of core values, as well as a common understanding and language about effective practice and expectations, is essential. Even then, the challenges remain in allocating resources (especially time), sharing practices to foster learning and supporting the professionals in each building.

Teachers21 works with school and leadership teams, along with their school boards, union leaders, parents and external stakeholders to foster shared understanding of challenges and responsibilities, build communication and trust, shape systems and processes that promote adult and student learning, and develop strategic approaches that lead to action and accountability.

Our cross-district workshops and convenings extend support networks and dialog to practitioners in other districts who might be facing, or have overcome, similar challenges. Learn more about our district planning services, leadership and instructional coaching, or contact us directly to discuss how we might support your district leadership team. 

Teacher Leaders

Leadership capacity expands dramatically when teachers are trained and supported to hold leadership roles including:

  • Mentors working with novice or struggling teachers
  • Team leaders of a grade level, department or data team
  • Content area leaders such as literacy coaches, math facilitators or department heads
  • Leadership team members engaged in school improvement planning or interventions that support struggling students.

These roles can also contribute to career satisfaction and retention of accomplished teachers while enabling them to make a bigger difference for students. Teachers21 offers a variety of services to support schools and districts to build leadership capacity at every level. We also offer a programs specifically designed to build teacher leadership capacity, such as the Boston Teacher Leadership Certificate.

Classroom Teachers

Teachers21 has extensive experience training new and experienced educators in pedagogycontent and curriculum development. Furthermore, we focus on strategies for assessing the impact of teaching and making appropriate adaptations. Our consultants and coaches endeavor to engage teachers and create an environment that promotes learning as they provide tools and strategies for teachers to do the same in their own classrooms.

  • Do you need to target specific areas of practice such as differentiating instruction, literacy across content areas, developing assessments and measuring impact?
  • Are there groups of practitioners that are seeking to deepen their skills-- for instance new teachers, math educators trying to bolster problem-solving skills or science teachers who need to integrate more real world applications and problem-based learning?
  • Would your entire school benefit from deeper, richer conversations about teaching and learning and a shared understanding of effective practice?
  • Are your mentors prepared to help newer teachers reach proficiency and beyond?

Contact us to discuss your priorities.

Para-Professionals and other Specialized Instructional Support Personnel

Para-professionals, Special Education teachers, math and literacy coaches and many specialized support personnel face demands incredibly unique to their position. At times they individual practitioners who must adjust their practice daily to the needs of individuals and small groups of students. As team members, they must build strong relationships with colleagues in order provide services that help students overcome challenges and increase achievement. They must not only know their area of specialty, but must constantly adapt their practice to be aligned with general education teachers. Co-teaching skills and the ability to scaffold and adapt lessons and assessments, along with strategies for engaging students that struggle with traditional approaches, are essential.

Teachers21 supports specialists from two directions: 1) working with districts to prepare and support para-professionals to help them be effective partners in improving student learning and 2) working with Special Education professionals to adapt the district’s teaching, learning and supervision structures to their context.

Moreover, guidance counselors and other non-teaching professionals are essential team members in ensuring a safe, effective learning environment where every student can make consistent progress, yet the opportunity to leverage their expertise is often missed. Teachers21 works with school teams and individuals to build their skills in teaming, feedback and dialogue, so as to capitalize on the knowledge, expertise and passion of all educators.

Individual Teachers and Leaders

Teachers21 provides programs for individuals that are directly relevant to their circumstances and offer the opportunity to learn from and share practice with peers. Some examples of programs open to individuals include:

When you engage with Teachers21 you can expect:

  • Skillful facilitation guided by principles of adult learning 
  • Partnership ready to support you in your efforts to align strategies, deepen pedagogy and support all learners  
  • Immediately usable tools, templates and protocols
  • Customization to reflect where you are and where you are trying to go 

Collaboratives and Associations

Because our experts provide highly engaging, high quality facilitation supported by a broad range of knowledge, we work closely with many of the collaboratives in Massachusetts to help meet the needs of their member districts. We also partner with state-wide associations such as MSSAA who offers over 30 programs in a wide range of topics, many of which are led by Teachers21 consultants each year.

We also partner with a number of higher education institutions and associations to offer leadership licensure programs, degree programs and graduate credit courses. 

School Committees

Teachers21 works with school committees on strategic planning as well as topics such as understanding school law and financing, supervising and evaluating their superintendents, and approaches to improving teaming between school boards and their superintendents. 

Other Learning Organizations

The Teachers21 approach can be applied to any learning organization, not just those involved in education. If you are interested in improving and inspiring learning in your organization in order to become more adaptive and responsive, our leadership experts can show you how.