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Client ConnecT21: Teachers21’s New Monthly Newsletter-- View the November Newsletter!

In an effort to strengthen our client community here at Teachers21 - and keep our connections flourishing - we recently launched a newsletter designed to support the schools, districts, educators and leaders within our direct community and to reach out to the greater Massachusetts network. We are working to provide an interactive mechanism for sharing timely, useful information and best practices. The newsletter creates opportunities to learn about current happenings and trends and we highly encourage readers to contribute their own ideas, updates and to ask questions of each other and us. We hope that this newsletter will improve our capacity to support and strengthen our readers’ ability to impact learning and leadership in their districts. 

 As this newsletter evolves, we hope that your needs, stories, talents, and efforts will help drive the content. We see it as an essential interactive communication device and invite you to share your thinking, questions and ideas. Below you will find links to our September and October newsletters and we will continue to archive future newsletter on our website. Please note that over time some of the live links may become obsolete and no longer work. We welcome feedback and look forward to staying connected!

Click here now to share your thoughts, your needs and other suggestions on what you hope to see in the next edition. 

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September 2014, Issue 1

October 2014, Issue 2

November 2014, Issue 3

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