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The Changing Role of the Principal

This article and report from the Center for American Progress highlights many of the competencies that Teachers21 cultivates in school leaders. The report highlights that

  • "Principals are being asked to develop new competencies largely centered around data, curriculum, pedagogy, and human capital development in order to meet the new expectations” and
  • "Attrition due to resignations and early retirements, along with a shortage of qualified candidates for open principal positions, is leading toward a crisis of leadership in American education. Principals do not feel sufficiently prepared by their pre-service training to successfully meet the demands of school leadership.

Here are their recommendations, many of which directly connect to some of our initiatives:

  1. Redesign school organizational charts and job descriptions.
  2. Develop instructional-leadership capacity around the principal.
  3. Focus principal training on coaching teachers.
  4. Build the capacity of central-office administrators to support principals.
  5. Provide regular opportunities for principals to gather around self-selected problems of practice.
  6. Develop partnerships with universities and nonprofits to recruit and train future principals.
  7. Develop and train principals on district-wide teaching and leadership frameworks.
  8. Provide technological supports that allow administrators to record and share instructional data.

Teachers21 recognizes that effective leadership is essential to improve educational outcomes and is committed to the development and sustainability of leadership at all levels:

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