BTLC Leadership Discussion Guides

Since 2010, over 200 teacher leaders from the Boston Public Schools have participated in graduate-level leadership development courses as part of the BTLC program.  In each session of each course, these teacher leaders have provided feedback about what makes it easy or hard to implement the practical strategies and routines they are learning in their coursework.  Over time, we have found that there are four key challenges faced by teacher leaders that we cannot address within our courses.  They simply require a conversation with the principal.  Further, we have learned from principals how hard it can be to have these conversations.

  • Principals and teacher leaders should set aside time to connect and be sure they are on the same page.  This series of Leadership Discussion Guides is designed to facilitate productive, focused conversations that can lead to more efficient and more effective alignment of their leadership efforts.  
  • You can download these four free guides here:

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