Co-Teaching Strategies

Co-teaching provides the opportunity for school personnel to collaborate and explore varied strategies to meet the needs of all learners. This partnership is based upon the premise that all students can learn and every teacher is responsible for student learning. This model of shared responsibility among staff provides a mechanism to capture the unique, diverse, and specialized skills and instructional practices of co-teaching.


  • To utilize a cooperative process and distribute leadership responsibility in a classroom
  • To examine how to apply successful approaches to co-teaching
  • To build a strong belief in the value and success of co-teaching
Participants Will:
  • Learn to utilize available time for planning
  • Examine how to apply six successful approaches to co-teaching
  • Share instructional practices
  • Establish classroom management norms
  • Create effective communication venues
  • Establish responsibility and input for the decision making process
  • Develop tiered curriculum