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August 2017

  • Congratulations to John D'Auria, who has been appointed as a Practice Professor at University of Pennsylvania! John has resigned his position of President of the organization but will continue on as a consultant 
  • The Board, Staff and Consultants will keep up the positive momentum and mission of Teachers21 as we move forward with new insights and ideas 
  • Every school leader deserves a coach 
  • Teachers21 Initiatives and Year-long Institutes 
  • Partnership with Ed Leadership SIMS (ELS) to provide simulations for education administrators
  • Several teachers have just completed presentations on their experiences as summer Externs in the LIFT2 Program. 

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June 2017

  • In partnership with M.A.S.S. and Boston College the LLPS/PSAP program begins its 3-year combined doctorate and licensure program for school administrators who aspire to become district central office leaders
  • Year-long Teachers21 Institutes kick off in the summer 
  • Spotlight on UPDI Newly Appointed and Aspiring Principals Program 
  • Partnering Initiative with William James College:  Leading Schools in A Demanding & Rapidly Changing World:  Applying Innovations from Organizational Psychology 3-day institute

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February 2017

  • Focus on philanthropy 
  • Grant  awards and opportunities
  • Partnership with Tripod involving using student and teacher perception data to help strengthen teaching and learning
  • Collaboration with William James College continues to expand. Arlene Silva, Director of School Psychology at William James; Matt King, T21 Consultant; and John D'Auria offered a forum for school leaders to help navigate the complex waters that they are facing post the election 

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January 2016


  • Teachers21 move to new office on William James College, Newton
  • You're Invited:  Consultant Winter Convening 
  • Coaches gather to share strategies and tools to foster growth in school leaders 

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October 2015


  • Teacher Leadership as a resource for school improvement
  • What we can learn from Singapore
  • Leadership simulations, the next best thing to being there
  • Teachers21 is moving

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September 2015


  • New School Year message from John D'Auria: "Constant learning and adaptability have to be our trademarks." 
  • Teachers21 is moving - update
  • Welcome to June Eressy, Assistant Director of UPDI
  • New Board Members
  • Program Updates: Effective Teaching, Critical Friend Groups, Coaching, BTCL, STEM, MEDCAT

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July 2015


  • School's Out! Looking Back and Planning Ahead
  • Using Data for reflection and growth
  • "Giving Feedback" (Dave Castelline) and "Cultural Proficiency"  (Patti DeRosa) workshop reviews
  • District Planning and Consultation
  • New Initiative: Simulations for Learning 
  • Team Success:  New cohorts starting for Leadership Licensure Program (LLP) ; Leadership Licensure Program for Superintendents (LLPS) and Urban Principals Development Program (UPDP)
  • DESE approval of Teachers21 as PDP provider across wide range of content areas
  • Summer Open Enrollments
  • Office Updates  


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April 2015

  • Masters of Education for Teachers of Mathematics - Spread the word
  • Check your coaching hours 
  • Trainers Toolbox: Learning Lab and Roundtable held on Developing an Adult Culture of Growth
  • Optimize learning with the Right Visual Aids
  • Digital Formative Assessment Tools for Classrooms
  • DESE application in process for Teachers21 as a rovider of PDP's in several content area 
  • Carnegie Improvement Science

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March 2015

  • New Survey Codes for Professional Learning Experience 
  • Staff Changes 
  • Reminder: Pilot a new  in district Open Enrollment 
  • Leadership Licensure Program graduates 11th and 12th cohorts.  Applications for the new year are open now

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January 2015  


  • "Learn to avoid or overcome leadership obstacles," John D'Auria's new article in Kappan Magazine
  • Reimagining Teachers21: Explore our Updated Website
  • Leadership workshops in March
  • Pilot program to bring PD to your district this summer
  • Focus on STEM

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December 2014 


  • Thank You
  • Applications Now Open for Licensure Programs
  • Join the Principals' Think Tank
  • Activating Teacher Leadership
  • Formative Assessment for Teachers: Using Student Surveys for Professional Growth 
  • Master's Degree for Math Educators
  • What we are learning from John D'Auria, an excerpt from "Proficient Growth Qualities: Shifting from Proving to Improving"

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November 2014


  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • Upcoming Leadership Workshops 
  • Teacher Development Programs for the Spring
  • Administrative Licensure Programs
  • Hear John D'Auria Speak at the 10th Annual Special Education Day Panel
  • Testimonial

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October 2014 


  • Did you know? Title II Funds can be applied to leadership development programs
  • Upcoming Events
  • Seeking LIFT2 Corporate Sponsors and Participants
  • Updates from the Office, Chinese Researchers Visit Teachers21
  • Consultant Publications
    • Hanging In: Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us Most By Jeffrey Benson
    • Math Sense: the Look, Sound and Feel of Good Math Instruction By Christine Moynihan

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September 2014

(Issue # 1.1) 

  • Welcome Message
  • Supervision and Evaluation 2.0
  • Did you know? Teachers21 provides instruction in three leadership licensure programs
  • Staff Update, Welcoming Dave Castelline
  • John's Bookcase:
    • Whistling Vivaldi: And Other Clues to How Stereotypes Affect Us by Claude M. Steele
    • MULTIPLIERS: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wizeman and Greg McKeown
  • Upcoming Events
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