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Professional Development and Consulting Services

Supporting educators, schools and districts to develop systems and practices that put their students on the path to success.

Similar to students' learning, one size does not fit all for educators and districts. As our partner schools surface challenges and obstacles in their efforts to improve, we work with them to identify and develop strategies, resources and tools that will better enable them to attain their goals. Teachers21 develops core programs and workshops in response to the needs of practitioners, customizes delivery to the context of each district, school and educator, and supports the learning with coaching and ongoing consultation. We close the "learning loop" in-house so that our work continually informs and improves our knowledge base and strategies for the benefit of our partner schools.

Signature Work

Literacy Instruction

Teachers21 provides customized professional development for schools and districts dealing with all aspects of literacy instruction in PreK-12 classrooms. Our literacy work with schools focuses on how educators can increase reading and writing achievement and engagement for all students.

Mathematics Instruction

Teachers21 provides customized professional development for schools and districts dealing with all aspects of mathematics instruction in PreK-12 classrooms. Our mathematics work with schools focuses on how educators can increase achievement and engagement in both content and practice standards for all students.

The Effective Teaching Program 

The Teachers21 Reflective Teacher course is designed to maximize learning for students by providing teachers with the skills necessary to extend and add to their repertoires in the areas of Skillful Practice, Continuous Improvement, Reflective Learning, and Strategic Alignment and Coherence. 

Supervision for Proficient Growth

Teachers21 works with districts in a variety of ways to help them deepen their implementation of the new supervision and evaluation system and to convert the energy that has been invested to date into impact on teacher and student learning.

Teachers21 can run professional development workshops in your district

Over 20 years of experience we have compiled experts and expertise in almost any area of professional development and offer a rich set of workshops and courses, each of which can be tailored to the specific needs and context of a particular school or district and each of which can be supported by job-embedded coaching. We believe the most effective training is bookended by a co-planning process that considers the district's unique context and a follow up strategy to make sure the learning is embedded. Contact us now to book a professional development workshop in your district.

As an official Massachusetts PDP provider, number S201500055, Teachers21 can issue PDPs on a wide variety of topics for workshops of 10 hours or more.

Every Educator Deserves a Coach

We believe that when leaders are in the midst of making strategic changes, coaches are invaluable as both a person to share ideas with and a guide to keep leaders on track. 

Individual Coaching

We offer high quality coaching for any professional within a district in Massachusetts through carefully pairing clients with the right match from our highly diverse team of coaches.

Our Strategic Approach 

    • Partnership for District Improvement: Working with school and district administration to facilitate strategic planning and to engage with stakeholders for greater impact and targeted reform
    • Professional Development to Transform Teaching and Learning: Working with school and district teams to provide targeted professional learning experiences in support of school and district goals
    • Leadership Development: Working with school and district leaders to improve their skills and align their leadership actions so they may create the conditions necessary for educators to be effective
    • Skill building for Individuals: Working with individual teachers and leaders to learn and practice new skills and strategies that are critical to improving their own practice

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