Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners

Educators are facing an increasingly wide range of diversity in the learners in their classrooms, and meeting the varied needs of every child can feel overwhelming. Teachers need support in designing lessons and utilizing a variety of instructional strategies to help all learners be successful. Teachers21 offers an overview of teaching, learning, and assessment as a firm foundation in the structures and strategies needed to support today’s diverse learners.


  • To develop a common language of support to discuss student needs and instructional practices
  • To structure lessons and units using Backward Design
  • To provide a foundational background in teaching, learning, and assessment
  • To match instructional strategies with the readiness, interests, learning profile, and language acquisition needs of our students

Participants will:

  • Identify the content standards in upcoming units of instruction
  • Form essential questions to use as guides in designing classroom activities and implementing classroom assessments
  • Examine current brain research and revise assignments and assessments in light of best practices
  • Modify materials and methods to meet he needs of all learners
  • Develop effective assessment practices and review these through strategies such as looking at student work and sharing exemplars