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Online Curriculum Development - 10 week course

All teachers and administrators should have a sound knowledge base in curriculum design. Whether used in the development of a specific unit, an interdisciplinary theme, a course, or a program of study; the elements of curriculum design lead to more effective curriculum planning and produce a more coherent curriculum.  In an era of standards-based curriculum and assessment, the demand for effective curriculum design is essential.  The Common Core Curriculum is becoming a reality, accepted by over two-thirds of the states at this point, with the prospect of establishing a nationwide standard of high expectations for all students.  At the same time, curriculum leaders are asked to make important decisions about the content of the curriculum, the selection of instructional material, and the modifications of teaching strategies based upon performance assessment, which are often related to the frameworks.  A thorough understanding of curriculum design will aid educators in making these decisions.

This course is intended to provide the student with the basic elements of curriculum design.  The knowledge and theory of curriculum development, instruction, and assessment will serve as a scaffold for the design of a coherent curriculum.  Students will acquire skills that will provide the basis for sound decisions about curriculum design.  Students will utilize their understanding of curriculum design to analyze the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, the Common Core Curriculum (or other relevant state curriculum frameworks), as well as other curriculum and instructional material available in print or via the Internet.  In addition, students will apply their theoretical knowledge and practical skills to the design of a course or curriculum unit.  The course is design to provide a balance of theory, practice, and individual and group work.