Open and Honest Communication: Having those Difficult Conversations

Transforming schools into high-functioning learning communities is complex work that defies formulas and hard, fast rules. Yet central to all this work is the importance of open, honest communication. Educators need to establish the essential framework needed to create and maintain a climate characterized by open communication. Through interactive skill-building opportunities centered on case studies, participants will utilize strategies to open channels of communication and build a collaborative foundation.


  • To examine the essential role of open and honest communication in a professional community
  • To learn a framework for conducting difficult conversations
  • To apply concepts and skills to conferencing with students, teachers, parents and colleagues

Participants will:

  • Explore the link between emotional intelligence and effective leadership
  • Articulate roadblocks that keep adults from having open communication
  • Discuss the “nondiscussables” and how they must be part of a healthy dialogue
  • Practice turning difficult conversations into learning situations for all involved
  • Develop a common vocabulary to enable powerful conversations