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Partners in Learning and Leading

Based on our experience with leadership teams across Massachusetts, Teachers21 is excited to offer a new service, Partners in Learning and Leading. Through this partnership, an experienced Teachers21 consultant, knowledgeable about organizational change, school culture, leadership development, supervision and evaluation, and district operations would work with your team throughout the year to provide ongoing professional development and support for the complex issues that inevitably arise.

How Does Partners in Learning and Leading Work?

Teachers21 will work with you and members of your team to customize a professional day kickoff for the district leadership team during the summer of 2017 that is aligned to your district improvement goals. Sample topics for this program might include:

  • Strengthening a culture of continuous improvement
  • Managing difficult conversations and transforming conflict into learning
  • Identifying what leaders can do to lower stress and anxiety in our students
  • Perspective taking - an essential 21st century skill for cultural proficiency
  • Applying growth mindset research to our work with educators
  • Embedding social and emotional learning into our day to day work.

The summer work establishes a shared set of ideas, tools and vocabulary that provide lenses through which to examine future work with the team.

During the school year, your Teachers21 consultant would rejoin the leadership team at regularly held leadership meetings. During the initial meetings, the professional development that began during the summer would continue based on specific feedback from the group. At subsequent sessions, members of the team would be invited to bring problems of practice to the meeting so that the group can examine these issues through the lenses that have been established. Initially these explorations might be facilitated by the consultant who is working with you. However, the goal is to increase the capacity of the leadership team to facilitate such discussions among themselves, and also with their own staffs. This approach will allow your team to become familiar with the research and key ideas related to leadership and learning and then, through the analysis of problems of practice, deepen the learning by applying and adapting the ideas to your particular context.

As part of this program, your consultant will be available to talk with members of the team individually should issues or concerns arise that relate to their specific circumstances.


Click here to schedule an exploratory conversation at a mutually convenient time. We look forward to partnering with you and your team on this important work.