Paul Toner

Paul F. Toner is the president of New Voice Strategies, a nonprofit that provides a crowdsourcing online platform for educators, parents and community members to have meaningful discussions about current educational policy at the local, state and national level with a focus on problem-solving and seeking practical solutions for advancing student achievement.

Mr. Toner is also the immediate past president of the 113,000-member Massachusetts Teachers Association, and was a strong voice for educators and a proud public school parent. Toner, a middle school social studies teacher, lawyer and former president of the Cambridge Education Association, was elected MTA president after serving for four years as the association’s vice president. He left office on July 14, 2104.

Toner served as the President of the National Council of State Education Associations (NCSEA) and on many NEA committees at the national level. He served as chair of MassPartners for Public Schools and is active in the Teacher Union Reform Network. He is a member of the Massachusetts 2020 Expanded Learning Time Advisory Board. He served on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Educator Evaluation Task Force, Task Force on 21st Century Skills, and Task Force on Closing the Proficiency Gap. He also was a participant in Governor Deval Patrick’s Readiness Project and recently part of Governor Baker’s Education Transition Committee. Toner was a commissioner on the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission and served on the Board of Directors for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

He is an appointed member of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education and the Education Commission of the States. Toner graduated from Boston University’s College of Liberal Arts with a bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations. He also holds a master’s degree in secondary education from the University of Massachusetts in Boston and earned his juris doctorate from Suffolk University Law School.