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Practical Strategies in Reading and Writing across the Curriculum (Grades K-2)

This course will explore classroom tested best practices in literacy instruction at the primary level, with an emphasis on developing reading and writing instruction that promotes students’ independent, self-managed learning and providing multiple entry points for the diverse students we find in our classrooms.  We will examine how proficient readers make sense of text. Topics for consideration will include but not be limited to literacy definitions, concepts of literacy, foundations of literacy growth and needs, and reading comprehension strategies.  A balance of video clips, articles, and hand-outs focused on the areas listed below will be used to examine practical strategies that can be put into practice in the fall as teachers launch their literacy instruction for the year.

 Participants will learn:

  • Ways to structure buddy/independent reading that promote growth for all primary readers, including those who are “reading” pictures but not printed text, starting in September
  • Ways to develop, launch and refine Literacy Work Stations starting in the fall that foster independently managed literacy learning
  • Ways to use a writing workshop structure that helps students view themselves as authors from the start of the school year


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