Program Testimonials



Aspiring Principals Program Testimonials

Aspiring Principal Program Participants

The summer intensive was even better than advertised! Just yesterday, my brother in law asked me "how I did" in the program as in what grade did I get. He knew, everyone knew, how hard I worked and he could only assume there was an evaluation of some sort. I told him there was no grade and that reflected on the value of the program. We worked impossibly hard simply because we believed in the work and the possibility of improving ourselves as professionals."
I guess the ratings say it all…. Overall, it was a challenging, time consuming, exhausting program that I felt was completely worth every minute of lost sleep!"

Aspiring Principal Program Mentors

I think this graduate is a star. Our relationship is very strong; he makes sure he includes me in the loop. He thinks very much out of box, yet he is a traditionalist in many other ways. He is very comfortable with himself which is not always the case with first time leaders...My instincts and what I have seen so far tell me that he is a profoundly talented leader."
This graduate has made progress with developing much needed systems in her building, she has established clear protocols, developed lines of communication, and she is taking an active role in her building by leading from the 'front'."

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LLPS Testimonials

The program helped to fundamentally shape who I am. It brought my core values into sharp focus. I have learned how to back up my beliefs and actions with the field of research. I make better decisions now because they are grounded in my core values and scholarship. I understand key leadership principles at a depth that they have just become part of who I am."
The instructor did an excellent job of developing a constructivist course for us that enhanced our learning from where we are towards where we need to go. She was authentic as our facilitator of knowledge and guided us in our learning."
The objectives aligned well with my needs as it tied practice to theory and gave me a new lens through which to look at my work."
I thoroughly enjoyed this class and the instructor. She knows her stuff from both the academic and practical sides of our profession."

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LLP Testimonials 

“The LLP program prepared me for life as an administrator in ways I could never have imagined.  The readings and assignments stimulated growth in the depth and complexity of my thinking about schools and the critical function they serve.  The relationships that developed within the cohort and with the faculty provide a professional network of new and experienced school administrators.  This program broadens your thinking and sharpens your focus.”

Dan Rubin, Director of Guidance
Canton, MA / LLP Class of 2007

“The LLP program provides just enough theory along with a lot of practical knowledge and experience.  The hands-on usefulness of all assignments as well as the student-centered classroom experience provided by knowledgeable, talented, experienced and motivated instructors made me excited about becoming a school leader.  I especially appreciated the emphasis on self-knowledge and getting to know our own strengths and weaknesses.  The program prepared me to successfully face and work through the challenges involved in my new role.”

Deborah Gray, Assistant Headmaster
Austin Preparatory School, Reading, MA / LLP Class of 2006

“The LLP program was led by outstanding instructors who incorporated real life situations and skills into their curriculum.  The material was relevant and directly applicable to jobs in administration and included best practices.  Although fast paced and challenging, the work was exciting, prepared you for state certification, and helped you become a better educator with every meeting and assignment.”

Drew Weymouth, Assistant Principal
Wachusett Regional High School, Holden, MA / LLP Class of 2009

“The standards-based curriculum, data-driven research, and best practices that are the foundation of LLP truly prepared me for the challenges of being a principal.  Equally important was direct access to a network of instructors who were respected, veteran MA administrators and relationships with cohort member who became trusted colleagues and good friends.  LLP is more than a program; it’s the education and support that every new administrator needs that makes all the difference.”

Kerry Burke, Principal
Curriculum Director, Lee MA / LLP Class of 2006

“I feel blessed to have had you as my teachers, mentors and guides. I learned so much and was pushed out of my comfort zone a good many times. I am deeply appreciative of what you have taught me and now, in the words of John D’Auria, I will “go and minister (rabbi).”

Glenda Speyer
Head of Rashi Upper School grades 5-8, Dedham MA / LLP Class of 2010

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Open Enrollment Program Testimonials 

The opportunities to talk amongst table members from other districts was very helpful. It was also helpful to see examples of other districts on how evidence was collected."
I plan to bring this information back to my supervisor and co-workers."
I enjoy the Teachers21 workshops. They address relevant topics and reasonable strategies."
I loved the scenarios and role playing. I loved the emphasis on psychological safety as a root for efficacy in meetings and beyond."

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MEDCAT Testimonials 

Ideas were introduced through activities and games to stimulate our thinking. Made me want to learn more. The instructor was EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the course content. The topics were worth learning and assignments worth doing."
We used hands on approaches that can be used in our own classrooms. There was ample time to practice work and to collaborate."
Polina is an outstanding instructor. I majored in math as an undergrad and had many knowledgeable professors, but Polina makes math “real”. I will be able to use a lot of what she gave us in my own classroom. With more teachers like her the stereotype of math may start to change. She is challenging, makes you think, rarely gives a straight answer, but makes us build a strong understanding of math concepts."
There was total respect for the ways all students learned. Every question was welcomed. The instructor had such excitement for the material that it was contagious!"

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LIFT2 Testimonials

From Program Participants

The real world connection was the most valuable aspect of the program as it provided me more insight into a career in the STEM industry. I look forward to sharing my experience with my students."
Drawing from this experience will help me in teaching perseverance in all subjects. Also, I learned a lot about how the technologies that 12 year olds frequently use are designed and how they work. This will make my material much more memorable for the students."
My classroom has become much more interactive and I feel like students are taking ownership of their material instead of just copying notes and trying to do learning just for learning sake. The students enjoy learning to solve a problem that could be found in the world instead of just studying because that is what other people have done before in similar classes."

From the Sponsoring Companies

I felt that it was helpful for the technical staff to include the teacher into the engineering group. It helped them reflect on work and see how the roots of the technology are shared with students and how that can be done most effectively."

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Boston Teacher Leadership Certificate (BTLC) Testimonials

I am facilitating an upcoming meeting, and will definitely be able to use the effective agenda strategies and eventually share the tool to measure the 5 dysfunctions of a team."
I appreciated having other teachers share how they solved problems or give me suggestions on next steps for my issues within my facilitation."
I did learn so much and the effort that I put into doing the course assessments has given me a deeper understanding of the content and of my role leadership role."
I was thrilled to see both team leaders really step up their leadership skills this year by taking on an active role and gathering, analyzing and presenting data to their teams in a coherent and organized manner."

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Effective Teaching Program Testimonials

The learning climate was very comfortable and I felt like it was easy to share. The instructional strategies were engaging and made the class exciting. Thank you!"
I plan on implementing many of the strategies that were included in our binder into my everyday lessons."
The instructor was both accepting and challenging of me. She made it okay to take risks."
The fact that we practiced the very strategies we were learning about, along with the frequent movement from whole group to small group work, helped me retain my focus."

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Supervision and Evaluation Testimonials

I really enjoyed the collaborative environment. I learned so much about the new evaluation system."
The opportunities to see examples, share ideas, view video clips was excellent. I feel that I can begin the official process with a little help from my friends."
I feel that this workshop struck a great balance of providing important information and strategies with providing simulations in which to practice and test our understanding of them."
I walked away with many resources and ideas that will not only enhance and better my practice but will also improve the school culture."

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