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Activating Teacher Leadership

Effective principals know they cannot do their increasingly demanding job alone. More importantly, when principals tap into their teachers as leaders, they discover that the collective thinking and combined professional expertise the staff can move the school forward faster and more effectively. Our work in this area is designed to strengthen school and district leaders' abilities to identify, bolster and tap the leadership potential of their teachers and to understand how to support and align this leadership influence with school and district goals so that it can be an asset toward improved teaching and learning.

Strategies, activities and tools we provide are designed to help district leaders, principals, union leaders and teachers:

  • Recognize where leadership is already happening in formal and informal ways within a school setting.
  • Identify, develop and support teachers as leaders who can be instrumental in guiding a school or district to achieve its goals.
  • Unpack the skills and processes needed to align the vision and actions of leadership within the building so that everyone is "rowing in the same direction."

Learn as a team

This day-long institute is ideal for school or district-based teams that include a principal and one or more of the following: superintendents, principal supervisors, union leaders, assistant principals, as well as formal and informal teacher leaders.

Contact us about offering this institute in your area.

What are institute participants saying?

As a result of my learning in this institute, I intend to...

  • formally inventory staff skills and leadership potential
  • create a strategic plan to identify teacher leaders and implement the plan
  • identify leaders (positive and negative) and reflect on the manner in which they impact initiatives
  • create time during staff meetings for teachers to share ideas and questions bring the ideas from this workshop to the other leaders in our building