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Leadership Simulations


Simulations are realistic, web-based scenarios that are highly engaging and interactive

Simulations allow your team members to explore decisions and choices they face to improve decision-making, build resiliency and reflect on culture.

Teachers21 partners with Ed Leadership SIMS to utilize these simulation experiences to support preK-12 educators evaluate those situations effectively, identify possible responses, and choose the most appropriate solution.

Demands of stakeholders are so distinct—and often in opposition to each other. Much of the learning with SIMS is in managing the aftermath that is certain to occur no matter what decision you eventually make.

A shared experience

Navigate and learn from each other. What decisions were made? Why? How did they impact what played out? Failure is part of the blend. Learning opportunities are embedded in the work.

Among topics available

  • Disruptive teacher
  • Difficult conversations around dress code
  • New teacher evaluation
  • Cyberbullying
  • Social Media response—integrity in community
  • Student in Crisis
  • Academic Goal Setting

What people are saying...

"Sessions are provocative, fast-paced and enjoyable."

"An opportunity to dig into realistic problems with colleagues and expand thinking about leadership."

"Shared reflection was as important as the actual simulation."

Contact us to learn more about Teachers21 facilitated SIMS sessions in your district and fee structure.