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Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum

Literacy continues to be a topic of increasing interest and concern among educators, particularly in light of Massachusetts’ adoption of the Common Core State Standards. With specific and rigorous literacy standards across the curriculum, all teachers have become responsible for ensuring that students are both consumers and producers of complex analytical text.  In this course, we will focus on a wide range of strategies for understanding and producing text in all content areas.  Our study will include reading, writing, discussing, demonstrating, and evaluating these strategies. 

 We will also examine and work with a variety of text materials, building familiarity with alternative methods for gaining information from complex texts encountered in secondary schools.  Attention will be given to the variety of needs of today’s diverse student body.  There will be opportunities to plan and assess a wide range of engaging and effective practices.

Districts may also wish to design customized workshops, institutes, courses, or coaching services focused on specific topics of content area literacy.


Also see Practical Strategies in Reading and Writing across the Curriculum (Grades K-2)