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Strengthening School-Family Partnerships

There is an urgent need for the link between schools and families to strengthen. As the competing demands on learners intensify, all resources have to focus on assuring the success of each individual. Strengthening the home as a learning environment regardless of its structure, economic level, or ethnic or cultural background can only unite school and families in these important educational efforts. Educators need to expand their skills to better communicate with families and to establish opportunities for increased collaboration. Positive beliefs and attitudes about families need to shape a school’s culture and improvement efforts. Through exploring the range of approaches that schools can take to develop family centers and other school and district-wide outreach efforts, educators can design a coherent and successful approach to school family partnerships.


  • To strengthen student learning through increased family involvement
  • To increase communication between school and home
  • To take action to unite school and family in increased student achievement

Participants will:

  • Build beliefs and competencies that result in effective home-school collaboration
  • Examine a range of approaches to establish school and/or district approaches to support family involvement
  • Design appropriate strategies for various grade levels and family needs to assure strong supportive relationships
  • Learn how to modify homework assignments at all grade levels to include family interaction
  • Create an action plan that includes the roles and responsibilities of teachers, administrators and parents in improving the home-school partnership