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Supervision and Evaluation Resources

District Determined Measures

Supervision and Evaluation Binder: Table of Contents

Here are materials used as part of our district training on the new Massachusetts supervision and evaluation framework.

  1. Five-Step Cycle (35.06)
    • Self- Assessment addressing Standards of Performance and Student Learning
    • Goal Setting and Educator Plan (at least 1 student learning and 1 professional practice goal); team goals must be considered - Implementation of the Educator Plan and Collection of Evidence
    • Formative Assessment or a Formative Evaluation, including Mid-Cycle
    • Summative Evaluation based on performance against standards and attainment of goals
  2. Four Standards and All Indicators as defined in regulation; districts may ADD, but not SUBTRACT (35.03 and 35.04)
  3. Rubrics that are "comparably rigorous and comprehensive" to ESE's model rubrics (35.08 (2))
  4. Four Educator Plans: Developing Educator , Self-directed Growth , Directed Growth , and Needs Improvement - vary in length; see the regulations (35.06 (3))
  5. Four Ratings: Unsatisfactory, Improvement, Proficient, Exemplary (Proficient is expected, rigorous level of performance of most educators) (35.08)
  6. Two-Year Cycle for experienced educators and those with Professional Teacher Status rated Proficient or Exemplary (35.06)
  7. One-Year Cycle for educators without Professional Teacher Status and administrators in their first 3 years in administrative position in district (35.06 (8))
  8. At least three categories of evidence: 1) multiple measures of student learning; 2) judgments based on observations and artifacts of professional practice; 3) additional