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Coaching and Consulting

Teachers21 provides integrated support to schools and districts, helping educators and leaders develop systems that will strengthen teaching and learning and improve student achievement. Continual improvement is at the core of our approach.

We offer both leadership and instructional coaching to support early stage practitioners. We build the capacity of principals and teachers to address the needs of students in strategic ways. We work collaboratively with educators to improve classroom practice, working with them to implement strong curricula and effective assessments in the core content areas and to adapt instructional strategies that will accelerate student learning.

For more seasoned practitioners, we offer implementation support and consultation. Organization leaders find this an invaluable way to check thinking, stay on track and more quickly effect change.

About our Coaching Services

As our partner schools surface challenges and obstacles, we work with them to identify and develop strategies, resources and tools that will enable them to attain their goals. The duration of the coaching, learning objectives and level of intervention will vary based on the individual needs of the instructor or leader being coached within the specific context and culture of where they work. Our coaches act as "thought partners," helping educators reflect and act on a wide variety of issues.

Teachers21 consultants work with superintendents, district leaders, central office staff, principals, department chairs, directors of curriculum and instruction, teachers and classroom support staff.   

Assess individual needs

Our diverse team of experienced coaches work with newly appointed leaders, helping to guide their transition to their new roles. Coaches provide unique instructional support based on content areas, years of teaching experience or the targeted student population. Our coaches are also experts at assisting more experienced leaders to strengthen their effectiveness.

Support growth

Our coaches help adults explore challenges and consider alternatives, while giving the tools and confidence they need to take smart risks and adapt their practice. 

The role of the leadership coach is to support school leaders in the thoughtful implementation of new initiatives, as well as being available to help principals respond to urgent issues. Through collaborative problem solving, planning, reflection and guidance, coaches help to increase the capacity of school leaders. For those individuals who are participating in Teachers21 leadership programs, our coaches help professionals apply the research-based frameworks that they learned in the classroom to the real world challenges they face in their schools.

Instruction coaches work with school and classroom leaders to set an agenda for improving instruction and raising student achievement. This may include efforts to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of their instructional program and school culture, craft a comprehensive strategic plan that prioritizes school initiatives, articulate instructional expectations, align professional development offerings, structure teacher collaboration, and provide continuous monitoring and evaluation.

Build team capacity

Through orchestrating Instructional Rounds, facilitating think tanks for peers to share practice, facilitating team meetings or providing individual guidance, Teachers21 consultants develop educators' abilities to support each other in order to sustain gains in instruction and improvements in the learning climate for all.


Next Steps

Every leader needs a coach and Teachers21 experts work with department heads, principals, central office leaders, superintendents and even school committees to help them achieve their goals. Let us help you achieve yours. 

Sample Coaching Interventions

  • Root cause analysis of obstacles blocking school progress
  • Support for how to strengthen the effectiveness of a leadership team
  • Development of new tools and processes to for more productive meetings and planning sessions with the faculty
  • Preparation of timelines, calendars and agendas in areas such as professional development or the introduction of a new program initiatives
  • Deepening capacity for observing and analyzing instruction
  • Collaborative development of the progress indicators that will signal effective implementation of a new instructional effort
  • Managing conflict effectively
  • Increasing the leader's capacity to provide feedback to teachers

For more information on the work we can do in your district, please contact us or call the office at 781-416-0980.


Coaching and Consulting with Andre Ravenelle, Executive Director of Teachers21 

Former superintendent and current Executive Director of Teachers21, Andre has experience and knowledge to support you and your district. With a comprehensive range of real-world experience, he has faced and navigated challenging boots-on-the-ground scenarios; built healthy and thriving school communities; prepared leaders; and successfully engaged partner groups and agencies—family, community, higher education, grant funders and first responders. Learn more here.