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Studies have shown that what a teacher knows, believes, and can do is what matters most when it comes to student achievement. Teachers21 services expand educators' content knowledge and hone their abilities to deliver the content to meet the needs of all learners.


About our Services to Deepen Content Knowledge and Application

Review curriculum

With new Common Core standards that impact all subject areas, along with upcoming changes in science and other frameworks, districts need to assess how to adjust and refine their curricula in the most efficient and effective way. Teachers21 helps orchestrate this process and will impart experience learned from other districts that are undertaking similar self-assessments.

Increase content knowledge

Through hands-on learning experiences that engage educators with strategies and tools to deepen content knowledge, Teachers21 consultants expand educators' capacity to be effective in their roles and build their confidence.

Improve instruction 

Only with practice and feedback can educators truly improve their instruction. Teachers21 works with schools and districts to coach and to build instructional leadership capacity so schools can sustain gains in achievement.


Signature Work


Our literacy approach supports most of the programmatic approaches and ensures that the entire educational community is able to support students in their learning.

Mathematics and STEM

Whether the need is to deepen individual skills, to collaborate to develop projects that cross subject areas, or to develop strategies to incorporate STEM learning and problem solving throughout the curriculum, Teachers21 has the expertise to support your needs.

Expertise in other areas

We work extensively to help educators with curriculum, pedagogy and supervision in areas such as Health, Athletics, Special Education, Guidance, Social Studies and many more.


Next Steps

If you believe, as we do, that content knowledge, particularly in math and literacy, is the shared responsibility of all educators, contact us to discuss how to build these skills and support student achievement across the district.

Sample Content-Area-Specific Courses 

The following courses and descriptions provide only a sample of the work we do and is not an exhaustive list. We are constantly writing courses based on district requests and reworking older courses to reflect the most current research and best practices.

 For more information on the work we can do in your district, please contact us or call the office at 781-416-0980.