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Data and Assessment


About our Data and Assessment Services 

Today's educators are expected to gather and use data to measure improvement and guide priorities. From attendance to performance and everything in between, qualitative and quantitative measures help educators focus their efforts on areas with the highest potential leverage.

Design collectors

If it's important, it's worth measuring so educators need to consider what information they need and how best to collect it. From formative assessments like exit tickets, to summative assessments like District Determined Measures, Teachers21 works with educators to develop the strategies and skills to formulate meaningful assessments.

Interpret data

Whether working collaboratively in data teams or looking at individual measures, Understanding the context, determining relevance and gleaning actionable insights from data is essential to drive any continuous improvement process. Teachers21 helps schools and districts become better learning organizations by developing the capacity and skills of individuals to work with data along with processes to facilitate the work of data teams.

Take action

In learning organizations, data is the fuel that can motivate action and lead to improved outcomes. Teachers21 works to create the conditions where educators are encouraged to tinker with their practice in response to the data that is collected.


Next Steps

Assess the skill level of your educators regarding data and identify potential data team leaders who, with additional support, could help move your school or district forward.

For more information on the work we can do in your district, please contact us or call the office at 781-416-0980.