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Supporting Specialists

Every specialist in a school contributes to the culture of the district and the learning of the students. By aligning and combining the strengths of all the professional staff, schools maximize the impact on students' achievement and emotional well-being.


About our Services for Specialists

Educators working with special needs or gifted and talented students, and those providing support services and enrichment opportunities (eg para professionals, guidance counselors, athletic coaches, art teachers and many others) have profound impacts on students. We educate, advise and support these professionals and help schools tap the tremendous influence that they can have on student achievement.

Recognize roles

Teachers21 consultants have experience in a wide range of roles. Examples of how districts leverage our knowledge include:

  • helping to guide the development of SMART goals for SISPs that align and complement those of general educators,
  • understanding how to help paraprofessionals be more effective with communication and support in the classroom,
  • carrying classroom values onto the playing fields through the work of athletic coaches,
  • writing across all disciplines,
  • integrating guidance expertise to deepen social and emotional learning throughout the school.

Provide support

Since many specialists may be the only ones providing a particular service in their building, their professional development opportunities are often limited. Teachers21 serves these educators by differentiating based on the needs of specialists, and offers opportunities for learning and collaboration across schools or even districts.

Align initiatives

Whether the focus is on resiliency, differentiation, intervention, instructional strategies or content, each staff member in a school plays an essential role. Teachers21 can help develop the plan and build the skills needed to sustain the initiative.


Next Steps

Contact us to help you develop a plan to maximize the potential impact of each educator, whether they be teachers or other staff members. Let us help you customize a program to sustain learning and professional development for all adults that will help you improve and inspire learning for all students.

we can do in your district, please contact us or call the office at 781-416-0980.