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Teaching and Learning

The old model of pedagogy focused on what and how teachers were teaching; we now recognize that what matters is what and how students are learning. In order for teachers to improve their instructional practice they must also become learners themselves.


About our Teaching and Learning Services

Teachers21 programs provide:

  • Practical approaches to engaging and activating learning for students and adults
  • Deep content knowledge based in research and promising practices
  • Ideas, tools and resources you can use, share and adapt
  • Opportunities to share and explore with other practitioners in your field

Expand strategies

Explaining new teaching strategies or protocols is rarely enough. Teachers21 consultants engage learners and interactively model techniques that educators can use to increase their own ability to reach more learners in more ways, and we provide the tools for educators to apply their learning to their own practice.

Learn from data

By experimenting with new practices and reflecting on the impact of those practices, educators can assess how to refine and improve their teaching. Teachers21 helps educators learn how to reflect on their work, how to collaborate effectively in order to identify potential adaptations, and how to act on their new knowledge to improve their effectiveness.

Match pedagogy to needs

Learners, be they students or adults, learn in different ways and at different paces. Developing approaches to meet each learner where they are, and to help them continue to grow, is essential. Teachers21 consultants provide an array of services to help schools support each educator so they can each increase their ability to meet the needs of all their students.


Next Steps

Your evaluation systems and student achievement measures provide a wealth of information that could guide educator development priorities. Let us help you plan approaches that can help you meet your goals in the most cost effective ways.

For more information on the work we can do in your district, please contact us or call the office at 781-416-0980.


The Effective Teaching Program

Our effective teaching program is a great program for districts that want a tested model with a solid foundation focused on skillful practice and continuous improvement from which to customize their own district-wide initiative. It can be tailored to meet the needs of new teachers, teachers in need of improvement or any other specific teacher population. Whether delivered as a 3-credit course that can been implemented throughout a district, or as a course for a targeted cohort of teachers, it will foster conversations and reflections that lead to improved and inspired learning for all. Contact us or call the office at 781-416-0980 for more information.