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Sponsor a Program Participant

While much of our work with districts is supported by district professional development budgets, making our programs available for all qualified candidates and districts, regardless of their ability to pay, depends on your support.

$18,000 will fully sponsor a teacher aspiring to lead a high needs school for licensure and preparation in our Urban Principals Development Program.

$18,000 will fully sponsor a new or experienced principal and their leadership team for a full year of preparation, coaching and support from our principal development program enabling them to accelerate improvement and build a learning culture in their school.

$10,000 will sponsor a STEM teacher to experience the real world applications of the content they are teaching and give them the problem-based learning strategies that can inspire their students to consider STEM careers.

$10,000 will sponsor a teacher leadership course for a school or district that will allow effective teachers to improve the practice and impact of their peers.

$8,000 will sponsor an Allies, Achievers and Risk Takers course in a school that will enhance cultural proficiency, student engagement and learning.

$2,000 will allow a practicing leader, such as an assistant principal or principal, to participate in a peer network led by a professional coach who will help them increase their effectiveness and impact.

If you are able to consider fully or partially sponsoring these or any other current or potential Teachers21 programs please contact us.