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Ten Lessons in Leadership and Learning

An Educator's Journey

By John D’Auria

Price: $24.95

“In Ten Lessons, John D’Auria describes a powerful conceptual model and provides a potent toolkit for educational leaders.”

Dorsey Yearley, Executive Director, EDCO Collaborative (MA)

“Ten Lessons presents critical skills for today’s leaders. Our schools need educators who understand the issues raised regarding core values, emotional intelligence, and transforming difficult conversations. I would recommend this book for all superintendents and principals who seek to become enlightened leaders.

Tom Scott, Executive Director, Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents

John D’Auria’s educational experience has spanned four decades and many roles; math teacher, guidance counselor, principal, and superintendent. He has worked with hundreds of school leaders on developing a vibrant school culture, managing conflict in the workplace, and sharpening the academic focus of school teams. He is the author of a curriculum, “The DNA of School Leadership,” and co-author of How to Bring Vision to School Improvement. John is President of Teachers21.


School Systems That Learn

Improving Professional Practice, Overcoming Limitations, and Diffusing Innovation

by Paul B. Ash, John D’Auria

Price: $36.95

When school systems learn, professional practice improves and student achievement increases!

Picture this: Teachers sharing insights and challenges. Principals leading with trust. Central office leaders inspiring and supporting principals. A synergistic learning system that results in all students succeeding. This practitioner’s guide to creating a system-wide learning organization focuses on professional learning as the stimulus to improving student achievement. Experienced superintendents Paul Ash and John D’Auria provide a blueprint to:

  • Improve schools through system-wide professional learning
  • Increase student achievement by instilling a deep-rooted culture of curiosity
  • Bolster faculty and staff morale with trust-building initiatives
  • Align professional development with student-centered district standards

1. Six Reasons Why School Systems Don’t Educate All Students at High Levels
2. The Four Right Drivers of Change
3. The Importance of Trust
4. Collaboration in All Directions: Elevating the Importance of Teamwork
5. Capacity Building for All Educators
6. Leaders at All Levels
7. Why Building a K-12 Learning School System Is so Difficult
8. Whole School System Change and the Diffusion of Innovation



Encouraging Reflection (Complete Series:7-Disk Set)

Price: $500.00
Sale price: $220.00

This seven-disk collection of DVDs is a powerful resource for engaging beginning teachers and mentors in collegial conversations.
The Encouraging Reflection collection includes the four new additions to the series on Promoting Meaningful Conversations and Effective Teaching Practices.  The DVD topics consist of:

  • Seven Typical First Year Problems: Using Scheduled Weekly Conferences
  • Effective Teaching Practices: Classroom Visitations
  • A Continuum of Mentoring Styles: Using Scheduled Weekly Conferences
  • Phases of the First Year: Collegial Conversations

The collection also includes the three-disk original collection of Encouraging Reflection: Using the Conferencing Protocol

  • Time Management: Conversations with an elementary school mentor and new teacher
  • Behavior Management: Conversations with a middle school mentor and new teacher
  • Instructional Strategies: Conversations with a high school mentor and new teacher

CDs can be purchased individually for $60 each.


Beyond Mentoring:Putting an Instructional Focus on Comprehensive Induction Programs

By Jon Saphier, Susan Freedman, and Barbara Aschheim

Price: $24.95


Voices from the Field

Price: $21.00
Sale price $8.00

Voices from the Field: Conversations with Mentors and New Teachers