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The DNA of School Leadership

Three key elements that underlie effective school leadership: shared beliefs and values, knowledge-based practice, and productive professional relationships. Participants will examine these elements and explore how they contribute to strong organizational cultures, greater teaching expertise, and higher levels of student achievement that is accompanied by more thoughtful, caring citizens.


  • To identify common values that energize a school
  • To illustrate how beliefs impact learning
  • To decipher communication problems that arise within school communities and manage the strong emotions that are often part of these issues
  • To understand the role of the principal in building a school culture that supports the professional development of new and veteran teachers

Participants will:

  • Examine the essential role that emotional intelligence plays in effective leadership
  • Engage in courageous conversations and discuss the “un- discussables”
  • Articulate norms of school culture and trace their impact on performance
  • Build teams that work and that work on important things
  • Understand the complexity of change and examine ways to both lead and manage change