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Victoria Miles

Victoria Miles holds a Master of Science degree in Mathematics, and is Massachusetts certified in mathematics at the 5-9 and 9-12 level. She taught 16 years at the middle school level as a seventh grade math teacher and math coach. Currently in her fifth year at the high school level and fourth as mathematics chair, she also serves on the MCAS Assessment Development Committee.

Vicki has presented at mathematics professional development programs including NCTM Conferences in San Diego and Philadelphia; the ATMNE Regional Conference in Maine; and the WGBH Learning Math Program Classroom Case Study. She served on the PARCC Performance Level Setting (PLS) process in Denver, CO. Publications include NCTM Illuminations - Published Mathematics Lessons: Fill ‘Er Up; What’s Regular About Tessellations?; Visualizing Square and Square Roots; and How Irrational!. She also authored Modular Origami, Moving Beyond Cubes and My Favorite Lesson: Algebra About Me for NCTM's Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School and Mathematics Teacher publications.  

She is an avid user of instructional technology. Her particular areas of interest are geometry and problem solving, with emphasis on recreational mathematics and using discourse to drive instruction. She desires to stimulate a lifelong curiosity of mathematics in her students and help them appreciate the relevance of mathematics in their lives.