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In successful schools, data drives decisions about instruction, curriculum, assessment, and professional development. The comprehensive information that is available today about districts, schools, and students is an invaluable tool for educators in creating their improvement agenda. Through this professional development opportunity, educators will examine the various sources of data, explore the ways to analyze these many sources and utilize this information to improve teaching and learning. Educators will review data related to their students' performance, such as grades, running records, standardized tests, writing samples and MCAS open response questions.


  • To understand the power and scope of data in bringing about educational change
  • To use data to create goals and action steps that improve teaching and learning

Participants will:

  • Explore and practice strategies that support inquiry into student data
  • Utilize tools for interpreting student test results and determining implications for teaching practice
  • Create relevant, clear, and measurable goals from data
  • Learn strategies for how teams can work collaboratively to improve student performance
  • Engage in a process that models working with data while maintaining a climate of openness geared toward positive solutions